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Private blood test and health screening clinic  All You Need To Know

We now offer a full scope of blood testing and health screening in the pharmacy clinic.

This is quick and easy with quick results turnaround.  

Premier from £100 

  • Vitamin Profile – D, B12 & Folate 
  • Thyroid Profile Including Antibodies 
  • Prostate Profile (Total & Free PSA, Ratio) 
  • Heart Health Profile 
  • Female Hormone Profile (incl. Infertility, Menopause, HRT & Amenorrhoea) 
  • Male Hormone Profile (incl. Infertility) 
  • Erectile Dysfuntion/Impotence Profile 
  • Hepatitis B Profile 
  • (HepB sAg, HepB sAb, HepB core IgG/IgM) 
  • STI Screen – Bloods Only 

Premier Plus £120 

  •  Tiredness/Fatigue Profile 
  • Sports Fitness Profile 
  • Full Sports Hormone Profile 
  • Well Person Profile 

Advanced premier plus £150 

  • Well Man Premier Plus 
  • Well Woman Premier Plus 


Comprehensive Allergy Tests £299 

  • Full UK Allergen Profile + Total IgE 


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Always friendly and helpful and ready with expert advice. Quick service. If he does not have what you need, Mr Singh can usually get it for you quickly. I always get my prescriptions there.

Robert Ford

Our Sustainability Promise

Singh pharmacy is an eco-pharmacy with sustainability and recycling in mind.
We use eco-friendly medicines bags and boxes where possible. 

We are increasing the range of zero waste products in the pharmacy with refillable shampoos and body washes. 

We have a vegan and cruelty free range of products and vitamins available in the pharmacy with expert advice to guide you.